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Custom Built-In Bookcase

Nov 2012


This project started with a call from a home owner with a ton of books (yes, actual books) they wanted to display in a way that would enhance the look of the open living space in the house. After the first meeting, in which we discussed their desire to maintain the clean contemporary lines of the interior of the house, I drew a couple different options to fit the space. My personal taste leans towards "contemporary craftsman", which is rare in New England, so this was a fun design for me. They liked the full floor to ceiling version and while they liked the idea of the entire unit in a wood finish, we felt it might not be in keeping with the rest of the house.  So we decided just a splash of wood as the counter top would be just enough. I found some beautiful wide plank cherry from Dwyer Hardwoods, and when finished it gave just the right pop to define the piece.

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